Täve's Sporthotel

"Täve's Sport Hotel" was built in Schierke in the Harz Mountains during 1996.  Täve is  Gustav "Täve" Schur who was one of the most successful sport cyclists of his day. On two different occasions, Täve Schur was world champion! He built a sports hotel here together with his son Jan, who is also a well known cyclist (world champion and Olympia winner in Seoul). Naturally emphasis is placed on cycling sports, although plenty of other types of sports are available as well. Blumenberg and Partner from Langenstein - the contracting MB-Partner - installed 829 m² of floor heating using the MB-Estrichsystem. This system now provides a comfortable environment for a hotel project designed for sports and health.

Täve and Jan Schur were also dedicated developers. During the planning phase at a seminar at the Troisdorf MB-production facilities, they met with technical planner, Construction Engineer Zehmisch, in order to inform themselves about technical details involved in using the  MULTIBETON-System.



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Täve's Sporthotel


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