Open space installation en construction Système MB posé

Jugendhandwerkerhof in Mölschow/Usedom

Since May 2004, the "Jugendhandwerkerhof" [Craftsmanship Workshop for Adolescents] has been accommodating 30 people providing all conditions to be able to offer workshops, training courses and recreation for youth groups, clubs and school classes. The particular aim of the institution is to organise cross-border youth exchanges with children and adolescents of countries bordering on the Baltic Sea.

Visitors can witness how traditional products are made. Old handicraft is introduced here, such as knotting, basket making, pottery making, paper shaping, weaving and spinning.

The renovated old building is heated using different MULTIBETON floor heating systems: On the ground, the MB Screed System was installed on about 520 square metres of space, while on the top floor the MB Screed Flat System was selected, which excels by low weight and low floor foundation, thus being particularly suitable for wooden ceilings in old buildings.

MULTIBETON Specialists:
Ausbaugenossenschaft e.G.
Demminer Straße 15
17389 Anklam
Telephone: 0 39 71/29 20-0
Telefax: 0 39 71/83 14 12



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